Alice Marcelle
2 min readNov 13, 2019


NBC’s news snippet of the day: “Around 50 rockets were fired from the Gaza Strip to Israel on Tuesday. The attack was in response to an Israeli Airstrike that killed an Islamic militant leader.”

Let’s take a couple steps back. First off, on Tuesday, over 200 rockets were fired from Gaza to Israel. Secondly, the word militant and the word terrorist are not synonymous. By choosing to use the word militant, you are guiding listeners towards a false understanding of the situation. Furthermore, NBC knows as well as I do, that the word leader tends to give off the effect of someone worth following, someone to look up to, and someone that has leadership skills. Moreover, it is very important to mention that prior to an Israeli airstrike, Israel sends down flyers as warning, containing the exact time of the strike in order for civilians to seek shelter and remain safe. Israel is the only country in the world to do this. Civilians are not the target — terrorists are.

So, how about we give this statement another shot? “On Tuesday, over 200 rockets were fired from Gaza to Israel; targeting schools, hospitals, homes, highways, and more. This was Gaza’s response to Israel for the killing of an Islamic Jihad terrorist commander.”

Let’s backtrack to a few tragic times in recent history.

The Manchester Arena bombing at the Ariana Grande concert, killing 23.

The 9/11 World Trade Centre attack in New York, killing 2997.

The Madrid train bombings, killing 192.

The London Bridge attack involving car ramming and stabbing, killing 11.

The four simultaneous Paris attacks, killing 130.

The many bomb blasts in Mumbai, killing a total of 692.

The Bali bombings, killing 202.

The Sri Lanka church and restaurant suicide bombings, killing 259.

Islamic Jihad has been carrying out attacks all around the world for far too long. This is terrorism.

Whenever Israel is involved, the media skews it in attempt to put the blame on them. The word terrorist is never even uttered. The media creates deceiving headlines in order to divert the attention of their audience. This is false reporting. It creates propaganda, and it spreads hate and anti-Semitism. This morning, on November 12 2019, the Israel Defence Forces killed an Islamic Jihad commander — a terrorist. Roles reversed, if another country had done this, society would be praising them for eliminating one more terrorist from our world.